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7 Different Game Types

NEW! Spy Mode – Wreak HAVOC among your enemies by changing your vests color to the opposing team’s color! Lasts 1-minute. Activated by finding and hitting targets in a hidden sequence. Applies to our Alien vs Human team games.

NEW! infiltrator (Stealth) Mode – Your opponents won’t see what’s killing them! Turn all lights on your vest off! Lasts 30 seconds. Activated by hitting targets when they are lit-up. Applies to our Alien vs. Human team games.

NEW! Machine Gun Mode – Mow down your enemies! Activated by hitting the observation deck base when lit-up. Lasts 40 seconds! Applies to our Alien vs. Human team games.

We run our ‘Standard’ game (below) most often but just let our operator know if you’d like to try another format and we’ll work to accommodate the request as long as crowd-levels and player preferences permit. Also, look on Facebook for notices and schedules of special events where one format or another is featured.

Alien vs. Human (Green vs. Red) Team Games – 2 Types – Up to 22 players per side (44 total)
Our ‘Standard’ game type where all of the special arena scoring features are active. This is the format we run most often since it is what our arena was designed for. You serve on either the Human (Red) team or the Alien (Green) Team. There are 4 ways to score: 1) tagging an opposing team player, 2) claiming the central planetary defense base (tower) for your team, 3) destroying the opposing teams base, 4) destroying the observation deck base. With all of these ways to score bonuses, both teams must control territory and play offense and defense in order to win. The 2 versions are 1) No recharge – unlimited lives and ammo, and 2) Recharge – 5 lives before recharge at your recharge station, ammo is unlimited. Both modes have limited special power ups (shields, photons, etc.). We normally run Non-recharge games with younger players to make it easier. For older kids, teens, and adults, the Recharge format adds an incentive to avoid being hit and makes the game more fair.

Alien vs. Human (Green vs. Red) Team Simple (Tournament) Game – Up to 22 players per side (44 total)
A basic game type where all of the special arena scoring features are de-activated. This format is for purists that only wish to score by tagging opposing team players.

Free-for-All with Fire (Machine Gun) Mode – Up to 44 players
A very fun free-for-all format with unlimited ammo and lives but limited special power ups (shields, photons, etc.). It is ideal for small groups. Every player for himself/herself competing for a higher score. After a 3-kill streak you automatically activate Fire (Machine Gun) mode where you can tag whole groups of enemies in seconds! Bases are active to be tagged for additional points up to three times per game.

Capture-the-Flag Alien vs. Human (Green vs. Red) Team – Up to 22 players per side (44 total)
Capture the flag from the opposing team’s base by tagging it and claiming the flag. Your vest light patterns will show friends and enemies alike that you’re carrying the flag. But that’s the easy part – while you’re carrying the flag it returns to it’s home base if you’re tagged even one time! However, you can pass the flag to your teammates by tagging them, even all the way across the arena! The goal is for the flag carrier to tag their own base which transfers the flag to it and scores the points (5,000 per flag). Can you work as a team to get the flag and protect it while you move it all the way across the arena? The team with the most total points wins the game at the end of the allotted time. No bases or targets are active for points in this game and the only way to get bonuses is by getting flags. Unlimited lives and ammo but limited special power ups (shields, photons, etc.).

Zombie Attack – Up to 44 players
This is an exciting free-for-all format with every player for himself/herself competing for a higher score. But, everyone’s vests start out blue indicating they are human and then, 25 seconds into the game, the computer randomly assigns one low scoring player to be a zombie and their vest turns green. Now the zombie has to tag each human twice to make them a zombie too! How far will the infection spread? If you are the last surviving human you get a 10,000 point bonus! Any player (human or zombie) can tag any other player at any time for points, there are no friends here. You must decide, should you hide from the zombies or go out fighting? No bases or other special features are active in this format but you do have limited numbers of power-ups.

Vampire Hunter (NEW!) – Up to 44 players
This is a free-for-all format with Special Vampire Hunter and Master Vampire Roles. Every player is for himself/herself competing for a higher score. Everyone’s vests start out blue indicating they are human and then, 15 seconds into the game, the computer randomly picks one player to be the Vampire Hunter and their vest turns green. Then, 10 seconds later, the system picks another player to be the Master Vampire and their vest turns red with white accent lights. Now the Master Vampire has to tag each human 1 time to make them a vampire (vest turns solid red)! Vampires he has made will convert Humans the same way. But, the Vampire Hunter can tag vampires to convert them back to Human. The Master Vampire cannot be converted and the Vampire Hunter is extremely strong requiring 6 hits from the Master Vampire to convert them. They each get special bonuses for converting all humans or defeating the Vampires. If you are the last surviving human you get a 10,000 point bonus! Any time that all humans become vampires resets the round and the process starts over until the game time limit is reached. Any player (human or vampire) can tag any other player at any time for points (is the Vampire Hunter your friend? who knows …)  No bases or other special features are active in this format but you do have limited numbers of power-ups.

What we offer!

HUGE 9,000 sq. ft. combat area – 2 times the size of any other in the area
Complex 2-level arrangement
State-of-the-art cyber-blast equipment
Play on human or alien teams
Watch the action from our elevated observation deck
Real-time scoring inside the combat area track your stats while you play
More open paintball-like layout complex winning team strategies neutral base for teams to capture
Specially scheduled advanced format games – zombie attack, free-for-all (with machine gun mode), etc.

Rules of Engagement

Ultra Blast Laser Combat is a physical activity. You are advised not to play if you suffer from asthma, seizures, or a heart condition or any other medical condition that may be aggravated by your participation. Our combat area is a darkened space with flashing lights and smoke effects. Do not enter if you have trouble seeing in low light, walking on uneven surfaces, or problems with flashing lights or loud noises.

High heeled shoes and heelies are not allowed. Tank or strap tops or body makeup may not be allowed to protect our equipment. We strongly suggest that you wear lightweight clothing and you must wear suitable enclosed footwear i.e tennis shoes, as you would for any sporting activity.


Score extra points by tagging the opposing team's base or by working as a team to capture the central tower Planetary Defense base by first taking down all 4 shield generators and then claiming the hidden base.

Standard Team Games:
Points per tag of an opposing player 200
Points lost for tagging a friendly player -50
Points for destroying opposing team's base 1500
(limit 3 times per player per game)

Points for claiming central tower:
250 points every 5 seconds for 1 minute
for each member of claiming team
example: 20 player team would earn 60,000 points
over the course of 60 seconds
Tower resets to neutral after 60 seconds
and either team may then claim it again

Special Modes
Photons 3 per game - short range wide angle shot
hits all players in front of you
Shields 3 per game - makes player invulnerable for 8 seconds
can still tag others while activated

Observation Deck Base (4th Base)
First shoot each of the 2 targets on the sides of deck
Then shoot the base 3 times to destroy it and earn 6,000 points

How to Score and Win video tutorials

Battle Ground Rules

  • No outside food or drink permitted without permission, birthday cakes for booked parties excepted.
  • No food, drink, chewing gum, flashlights, or laser lights/pointers allowed.
  • No tampering with equipment or covering laser sensors.
  • No running. Players observed running will be penalized by the game marshal and ejected from the game for repeated offenses.
  • No smoking facility.
  • No physical contact with other players – keeping at least 1 yard from any other player.
  • No leaning out over railings or violating any safety system.
  • Do not climb on any structures except 2nd level platforms reached by ramps.
  • No going through doors with handles (Emergency Exits), unless in an emergency.
  • In the event of an emergency please proceed immediately to the nearest emergency exit.
  • No abusive language or conduct. Leave the arena promptly when the game ends to make time for the next round.
  • The game Marshall is the Referee – all Players must follow his/her instructions and directions at all times. The game Marshall will penalize or terminate the game for any players breaking the rules.

Ultra Blast reserves the right to remove players from games without refunds should they be deemed to be infringing these rules or, in the opinion of the Marshall, endangering themselves or other patrons by their conduct or actions.

You are advised that you play at your own risk and Ultra Blast or any of its staff accepts no liability for injuries sustained or any other incidents occurring while you play.

Note on game schedule

General: Games are held approximately each 15 minutes. We make an effort to group patrons by age whenever possible so that competition is more fair. This may not be possible in busy periods.

For Walk-ins: Please note that birthday parties have scheduled games and therefore have priority. This may, depending on crowd levels, occasionally delay games for walk-ins.

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